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Zhivko Illeieff
Senior Digital Strategist
Kelly Ingebritson
Colorado and Western Project Manager
Marten Jenkins
President and CEO, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Jason Johnson
South Carolina State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Rachael Joiner
Senior Director of Operations, Strategic Engagement
Andy Jones
Senior Project Manager, Conservation Acquisition
Val Keefer
Media Relations Manager
Chris Kelly
California Project Manager
Mike Kelly
Director, Great Lakes Office, Conservation Services
Scott Kelly
Timberlands Manager
Frances H. Kennedy
Consultant, Director of the Historic Lands Program
Ryan  Klausch
Ralph Knoll
Tennessee Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Peg Kohring
Senior Associate, Conservation Services
Kirste Kowalsky
Arizona Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Rick Larson
Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Shannon Lee
Senior Urban Conservation Manager, Conservation Acquisition
Christine Lepine
Research Associate, Freshwater Institute
Lauri Lindquist
Midwest Office Project Assistant
Chris Little
Alaska State Associate, Conservation Acquisition