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Mike Kelly
Director, Great Lakes Office, Conservation Services
Scott Kelly
Timberlands Manager, Working Forest Fund
Frances H. Kennedy
Consultant, Director of the Historic Lands Program
Anna Knight
Fish Culture Technician, Freshwater Institute
Ralph Knoll
Tennessee Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Peg Kohring
Senior Associate, Conservation Services
Kirste Kowalsky
Arizona Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Shannon Lee
Senior Major Gifts Officer, Southeast
Christine Lepine
Research Support Specialist, Freshwater Institute
Chris Little
Alaska State Associate, Conservation Acquisition
Josh Lynsen
Media Relations Manager
Sally Manikian
Vermont and New Hampshire Representative
Kathleen Marks
Director of Program Strategy, Resourceful Communities
Amelia Matthews
Transaction Specialist
Travis May
Aquaculture Production Manager, Freshwater Institute
Monica McCann
Program Director, Resourceful Communities
Meg McCants
Conservation Acquisition Department Manager; Secretary to the Board of Directors
Carolyn McCoy
Senior Paralegal, National Office
Todd McNew
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Brad Meiklejohn
Senior Representative, Conservation Acquisition