The Conservation Fund successfully issued $150 million of ten-year bonds, rated A3 by Moody’s, in September 2019. Our goal is to invest all proceeds into Working Forest Fund® projects to accelerate the scale and speed of our mission impact. In addition, we hope to significantly increase the level of philanthropic capital for this urgent mission to leverage the bond proceeds across more projects, and re-invest those proceeds more than once, if possible, before maturity.

The impact measures and project stories below highlight our ability to invest the bond proceeds into projects that will create permanent conservation outcomes and support local communities that depend on one of our country’s most important natural resources—forests.

Our financial and tax forms are available as PDF downloads:

Thank you for advancing a proven solution to one of the greatest conservation challenges our country faces today.

Impact to Date:as of June 15, 2020 (unaudited)
Green Bonds Proceeds Invested
$86,905,500   out of   $150,000,000
Total Value of Projects Utilizing Green Bonds Proceeds
Number of Projects
Total Project Acres
Total Jobs Created or Maintained
Total Economic Impact
Metric Tons of CO2e Sequestered
Miles of Streams/Rivers Protected


Chadbourne Tree Farm – Maine

Chadbourne Tree Farm – Maine

The Chadbourne Tree Farm in western Maine is one of America’s prized white pine forests, with a rich family history and exceptional...
Clarion Junction Forest – Pennsylvania

Clarion Junction Forest – Pennsylvania

Northwestern Pennsylvania’s forests are essential to the region’s character and economy. These forests serve as a destination for tourists,...
Three Rivers Forest – New York

Three Rivers Forest – New York

Roughly 51,334 acres sitting deep in the heart of Adirondack Park are now on a path toward permanent protection,...
Stateline Forest – Georgia and Alabama

Stateline Forest – Georgia and Alabama

This working forest of 10,369 acres in Haralson and Polk counties, Georgia, and in Cleburne County, Alabama, is a...
Roanoke River Forest – Virginia

Roanoke River Forest – Virginia

The rapid transfer of large, industrial-size forests in Virginia and nationwide has increased the threats of fragmentation and conversion...
Pleasant River Headwaters Forest – Maine

Pleasant River Headwaters Forest – Maine

The nearly 27,000 acre Pleasant River Headwaters Forest is one of the last remaining large, unprotected forest blocks in...