Wendy Taylor

Senior Director, Development

Headshot of Wendy Taylor.

Wendy is the Senior Director of Development. Wendy joined the Fund in 2003 and has served in leadership roles in philanthropy where she oversees fundraising throughout the organization with special emphasis on major foundations, the Midwest region, and the Working Forest Fund.

Prior to joining the Fund, she was a fundraiser and headed chapter building for Scenic America for five years, culminating in her position as Vice President for Affiliate Development and Administration. She also served as a Program Associate at the National Tree Trust. Wendy holds a BA in Environmental Communications from Antioch College. Outside of work, Wendy hikes and canoes with her family, gardens, and plays with her rescue pups.

Contact:  wtaylor@conservationfund.org    Phone: 202-997-0925    Office: National Headquarters (VA)