We have protected nearly 9 million acres of land and water in all 50 states. Every dollar invested in our Revolving Fund goes directly to protecting land, over and over. By recycling these dollars, we have saved lands valued at more than $7.2 billion.

Protecting land and water with high conservation value is essential for America’s environmental health and its economic vitality. The Conservation Fund enables conservationists, government agencies, community leaders and land trusts to swiftly protect properties for wildlife, recreation and/or historic significance. Often a landowner’s timetable to sell does not align with available funding from private and public sources. Our capital supplies the timely bridge financing that is critical to help our partners save important properties.


We offer rapid and nimble action, along with deep expertise in a wide array of complex transactions. By continually re-investing our funds into new conservation projects once others are completed, we’ve helped permanently protect nearly 9 million acres across all 50 states.



A Legacy of Ranching in California

Protecting a pristine property of this size is a rare and major win for conservation in California’s...

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe – Bois Forte Band

By reuniting 28,000 acres with the Bois Forte Band and ensuring the long-term stewardship of these f...

Protecting Maryland’s Historic Black Beaches

We partnered with the City of Annapolis and the State of Maryland along with Chesapeake Conservancy ...

Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee

The Cherokee National Forest is an invaluable natural landscape full of recreation opportunities, bi...

Atlanta’s Former Chattahoochee Brick Company Site

The historic Chattahoochee Brick site is on a path toward becoming Atlanta’s newest riverfront park.

Connecting Pinhoti And Appalachian Trails

The Pinhoti Trail is now 339 miles long and connects with the Appalachian Trail, through the Benton ...
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