Larry Selzer

President and CEO

Headshot of Larry Selzer.

Appointed in 2001, Larry leads an executive team that charts the organization’s strategy and equips the staff to succeed. Under Larry’s leadership, The Conservation Fund has brought an entrepreneurial spirit to conservation, launching efforts to design and implement mitigation solutions, seed small green business, manage working forests and above all, better integrate economic and environmental goals.

Prior to joining The Conservation Fund, Larry started his professional career at the Manomet Center for Conservation Science, conducting research on marine mammal and seabird populations. He serves on the board of Weyerhaeuser and Manomet. He served as chairman of the Outdoor Foundation, twice served as chair of the Sustainable Forest Initiative, Inc., and served on the board of the American Bird Conservancy.

Contact:    Phone: 703-525-6300    Office: National Headquarters (VA)