By the Numbers:
Conservation groups in 40 states and 5 Canadian provinces have used nearly 400 loans to conserve more than 155,000 acres.

Our partners have borrowed over $235 million dollars to acquire land valued at more than $450 million dollars.
The urgency and pace of conservation can be impeded by a lack of timely funding.  Our Conservation Loans program offers flexible financing as well as sustained and expert technical assistance to land trusts and other organizations aiming to protect key properties in their communities, increase access to green and open-space, recover natural habitats, provide conservation education programs, and help people connect with nature. Since our first loan in 1993, we’ve helped our partners achieve their conservation goals, providing more than $235 million in nearly 400 loans to 190 partners. Local conservationists have protected more than 155,000 acres across 40 states—lands valued at more than $450 million—with funds from our continually revolving pool of loan capital.  We are a land trust as well as a lender, investing in our shared conservation goals. Contact us today to learn more.


Featured Partner

Our friends at Land Trust Alliance have highlighted our partners at Kent Land Trust for excelling at community conservation. We provided Kent Land Trust with a $350,000 loan to help acquire Camp Francis—a former Girl Scout camp, treasured by the community. The loan came at a critical time, allowing the land trust to purchase the property quickly while additional funding from state and federal grants were processed. You can watch the video below:


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