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By the Numbers:
Aquaculture provides over 50% of global seafood production.

The U.S. imports over 90% of edible seafood each year.

The U.S. is the largest market for Atlantic salmon worldwide yet we import 98% of Atlantic salmon.
The mission of The Conservation Fund has always included land and water conservation.  Through the Freshwater Institute program that water element sharpens to focus through science, technology and consultation.

By 2050 we are challenged to double the global food supply.  The Freshwater Institute specializes in the production technology and design of aquaculture systems; and in solutions to the water quality constraints and impacts presented by our farms and communities.  We share what we learn through science publication and targeted workshops.  We partner with clients to achieve the complementary goals of environmental sustainability, human health and economic vitality.

Watch this video to find out how recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technology provides a sustainable, local way to farm healthy fish that’s good for people, our economy and the environment.


Supporting Matorka

Supporting Matorka's Sustainable Expansion

Icelandic seafood producer Matorka has been growing Arctic char since 2010. As the company aspired to expand to grow...
Increased Research Capacity at New Aquaculture Research Laboratory

Increased Research Capacity at New Aquaculture Research Laboratory

For 30 years, The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute has led the way in the development of land-based recirculating aquaculture...
Supporting Sustainability at Chatham University

Supporting Sustainability at Chatham University

Chatham University set out to develop their Eden Hall Campus with a goal in mind: create the country’s first...
Superior Fresh

Superior Fresh

At the Freshwater Institute, we know that the future of sustainable seafood lies in developing innovative approaches that value...
SINTEF & Freshwater Compare the Economics & Carbon Footprint of Salmon Farming

SINTEF & Freshwater Compare the Economics & Carbon Footprint of Salmon Farming

A collaboration between the Freshwater Institute and SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture examines two types of salmon farming systems—open net...

Seafood's "40 under 40": John Davidson

John Davidson is a senior research associate at the Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute. Since 1998, John has conducted research...
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