+30 years partnering with business
96% of funds go to programs, more than any U.S. environmental group
+8M acres of land protected since 1985
+2,000 projects
$6B worth of land conserved

It’s our mission to ensure smart conservation and sound economic outcomes go hand-in-hand, and by working with businesses we can accomplish just that—measurable, lasting results for conservation and communities that meet business or company ESG goals. America’s sustainable future depends on healthy lands, waters and people. Together, we can make that future possible.


We can do better things by working together. Here’s how:



Unrestricted financial gifts are donations that provide us with the most flexibility to advance our dual charter mission of environmental protection and economic development, and we can use them where they are needed most. Corporate donors are recognized online in our annual report at $1,000 and above. Special recognition opportunities occur at higher giving level, which may include press and media outreach, social media promotion, website features, or special events to highlight your company’s positive impact. Partners include Lyme Forest Fund, Admiral Real Estate Services Corporation and SunTrust Bank and Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc.


Revolving Fund gifts are the best tool to help us accelerate the pace of conservation nationwide. A corporate donation of $1M or more would allow your company to designate certain geographic or thematic restrictions to the types of projects you would like to support. This is a priority to support the implementation of the Great American Outdoors Act.


Restricted gifts provide businesses the opportunity to select priority projects from our mission-related programs to meet their ESG or corporate goals. Options include our nationwide Conservation Acquisition projects, the Working Forest Fund, the Working Farms Fund, Parks with Purpose, and Rural Conservation Programs. Partners include U-Haul, Volkswagen, TC Energy and Dow Chemical.



Donations of property as part of our Giftlands program, are donations of land(s) with no conservation value that we can use to help support our Revolving Fund. Examples include NIE LLC, Rock River Capital Co LLC, CONSOL, DuPont, Stanley Tools and Pfizer.



These partnerships allow The Conservation Fund to scale its mission outcomes while also contributing to your business’s ESG goals, including carbon offsets, carbon capture uplift, fiber supply chains and more. Partners include Apple and IKEA.



Cause-related marketing and commercial co-ventures are opportunities for your businesses to financially sponsor conservation-driven work and spread the word through collaborative marketing efforts about our partnership and impact.* Partners include Dell Technologies, Zyrtec and Volkswagen.



We are experts in identifying the best ways to compensate for your natural or cultural resource impacts from business operations. These can include compensatory mitigation solutions or the design and delivery of environmental stewardship programs that provide positive community outcomes. Partners include Williams, BrightSource Energy and Enbridge.




* For projects involving the donation of a percentage of proceeds from a commercial activity (e.g., Earth Day, Giving Tuesday, Product Launch), these require commercial registration with a state and are subject to minimum donations. Reference: https://www.selfishgiving.com/blog/corporate-partnerships-law-registration-requirements