With a nationwide team of real estate and conservation specialists, The Conservation Fund has provided critical mitigation solutions for energy and infrastructure projects, including electric transmission, oil and natural gas, wind, solar, hydropower and transportation.
We have completed more than 350 projects in more than 30 states representing more than 355,000 acres conserved and over $277 million in successfully completed mitigation solutions.

Infrastructure improvements are underway throughout America, and we recognize that balancing economic development with sound environmental practices is essential for America’s prosperity. Our mitigation solutions achieve important conservation results by protecting high-priority wildlife habitat, clean water, and recreation areas.




We act as a partner, working with project developers, agency partners and conservationists to create plans that mitigate for unavoidable impacts on our natural, historical and cultural resources. We work at the site level, as well as at landscape scale, offering comprehensive, credible and highly efficient services to develop compensatory and voluntary mitigation packages. With keen understanding of business needs, deep legal expertise, extensive knowledge of conservation opportunities, and unmatched agency credibility, we deliver timely solutions to our partners. Ultimately, conservation guides everything we do.



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