Christine Lepine

Research Associate, Freshwater Institute

Christine LepineWorking collaboratively with researchers at The Fund and outside labs, Christine conducts experiments developing and evaluating technologies for improving water quality. She has managed projects ranging from lab to pilot-scale and is also responsible for office-oriented research and data analysis for publications and reports.

Her recent work focuses on effluent water quality and wastewater management of recirculating aquaculture systems, primarily with woodchip denitrification bioreactors. The creation and refinement of technologies such as this not only impacts water quality but will help reduce the environmental footprint and improve sustainability of both agriculture and aquaculture fields.

Christine holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies, comprehensive concentration of Resource Management, from Shepherd University. She is currently a master’s student at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign working towards a M.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science.

Contact :   Phone: 304-876-2815, ext. 240   Office: Freshwater Institute, National Headquarters (WV)


Woodchip Bioreactor Research

Woodchip Bioreactor Research

The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute, supported by a USDA-ARS cooperative agreement, performed pilot research on the adaptation of an...