Clint Miller

Vice President and Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Headshot of Clint Miller.

Clint joined The Conservation Fund in 2008 and serves as Vice President and Regional Director. In his regional capacity he oversees the Fund’s work in Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas was well as working in Wisconsin, Michigan, North and South Dakota. Clint is a seasoned conservation professional who has worked since 1988 in land conservation and wildlife management from Alaska and Florida to the Great Plains. He is the Fund’s lead on implementation of the Midwest Habitat Mitigation Project, a $22 million compensatory mitigation program for a 600-mile oil pipeline running across four states.

He is a recognized expert negotiator and facilitator, working with federal, state and local agencies, corporations and families on complex real estate transactions, conservation easements, mitigation, public and private funding and finance. Clint serves as a commissioner on the Land Trust Accreditation Commission and on Gathering Waters Conservancy’s Land Trust Council in Wisconsin. He previously worked as a regional director for the Minnesota Land Trust and led a community-based conservation program for The Nature Conservancy in the Dakotas after spending 12 years as a wildlife biologist and land manager. In his spare time Clint enjoys traveling in domestically and abroad, hiking and exploring new places, and spending time with wife and adult children. He is a former structural and wildland firefighter and spent 15 years as an EMT.

Social media handles: Twitter @gypsyclint15, Instagram @ckm011296

Contact:     Phone: 651-764-0655    Office:  Rochester, Minnesota