Kayla Fairfield

Fish Culture Technician, Freshwater Institute

Brian VinciKayla Fairfield is a Fish Culture Technician at the Freshwater Institute. She is responsible for daily feeding, cleaning, and monitoring to maintain proper fish health and welfare. Prior to joining the Freshwater Institute, Kayla worked for the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Aquaculture Research Center, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Phillips Wharf Environmental Center where she has worked with a variety of animals, such as finfish, sharks, oysters, blue crabs, and horseshoe crabs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Old Dominion University and a Master of Science in Aquaculture from the University of Highlands and Islands’ Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Contact: kfairfield@conservationfund.org   Phone: 304-876-2815 ext. 242   Office: Freshwater Institute, National Headquarters (WV)