Derek Ostensen

Senior Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquisition

Derek has helped lead more than 50 conservation acquisition, ecosystem restoration and environmental planning projects across California during his 20 years working for The Conservation Fund.

Derek closely collaborates with a broad array of government, nonprofit and private entities throughout California to achieve landscape-scale conservation priorities. His conservation efforts have spanned an extensive range of riparian, upland, montane, transitional and desert habitats, focusing on the protection of endangered species while also balancing local community priorities and economies. Derek has received a number of conservation awards for his work, including an Award of Excellence in Environmental Planning from the American Planning Association.

Derek holds a B.A. from the University of California Santa Cruz and a Master of Science in Resource Conservation and Ecological Restoration from the University of Florida. His interests include rock climbing, scuba diving and exploring nature’s many wonders with his two children.

Contact:    Phone: 949-683-4683    Office: California