Holly Newberger

Program Manager, Working Forest Fund

Headshot of Holly Newberger.

Since 2007, Holly has managed all aspects of program implementation for the California-based North Coast Forest Conservation Initiative. In addition to overseeing the public access and forest certification programs on 74,000 acres of conserved working forestland, she has primary responsibility for bookkeeping, public communications and office management.

She serves on the Big River Watershed Council and spent seven years with the Mendocino Land Trust.

Holly has a B.A. in English from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Contact:  hnewberger@conservationfund.org     Phone: 707-962-0712     Office: Ukiah, California


North Coast Forest Conservation Initiative

Since 2004, we have owned and managed more than 74,000 acres: Buckeye, Garcia River, Big River, Salmon Creek and Gualala River...