Ashton Berdine

State Director, West Virginia, Conservation Acquisition

Ashton Berdine headshot.

Ashton joined the Fund in the fall of 2023. He manages real estate and conservation acquisitions in West Virginia with some in neighboring Ohio and Kentucky. Before joining the Fund, Ashton led conservation acquisitions for the West Virginia Land Trust since 2014. Prior to that, he worked in land protection for The Nature Conservancy in West Virginia from 2000-2013. During the 1990s, Ashton was inventory botanist and plant community ecologist for Maryland Nature Conservancy and the MD Natural Heritage Program, contributing to the National Vegetation Classification effort.

Ashton’s education is in Botany with a degree from North Carolina State University. He resides in Elkins, WV with personal interests in a family farm, hiking, birding and nature study.

Contact:    Office: West Virginia