Monica McCann

Resourceful Communities Program Director

Headshot of Monica McCann.

Monica focuses on a specialized program of The Conservation Fund that works with community organizations across North Carolina. She leads the Food & Farm Initiative, supporting community groups and small farmers to develop innovative food projects to serve vulnerable populations. During her 10 years at The Conservation Fund, Monica has worked to develop, fund and manage various major initiatives of Resourceful Communities, including the establishment of the first community forest in the Southeast.  She is also responsible for program development, fundraising and evaluation, raising more than $2 million for direct program services.

Previously, Monica served in the Peace Corps as a Natural Resources Volunteer in Ecuador.

Monica holds an M.S. in City and Regional Planning and a B.S. in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Contact:    Phone: 919-951-0110    Office: Resourceful Communities Headquarters (NC)