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Quinn Coleman
Business Lender and Credit Analyst, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Margaret Conrad
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities
Claire  Cooney
Senior Director of Strategic Engagement
Bill Crouch
Maryland State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Curtis Crouse
Assistant Aquaculture Production Manager, Freshwater Institute
Todd Crump
West Virginia Business Coach
Ermine  Cupid-Hastings
Finance Manager, Working Forest Fund
Brian Dangler
Vice President, Director, Working Forest Fund
John Davidson
Senior Research Scientist, Freshwater Institute
Lauren Day
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Janette DeLapa
Senior Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Anna DiCocco
Fish Culture Technician, Freshwater Institute
Tom Duffus
Vice President and Northeast Representative
Callie Hastings Easterly
Senior Director of Strategic Engagement
Kelsi Eccles
Urban Conservation Project Manager
Glenn Elison
Alaska Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Mark Elsbree
Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition
Lily Engle
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Richard Erdmann
Senior Counselor
Kenny Fahey
Working Lands Principal