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Donna Pratt
Operations Director, Resourceful Communities
David Proper
Urban Program Director
Christine Quinlan
Colorado Associate State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Rakesh Ranjan
Research Scientist, Freshwater Institute
Natalie Redman
Water & Environmental Chemistry Lab Manager, Freshwater Institute
Kelly Reed
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
Heather Richards
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
Iris Sanchez
Creative Director
Dan Schlager
Wyoming State Director
Andrew  Schmidt
Senior Government Relations Representative
Brian  Schneider
Forest Operations Manager, Working Forest Fund
Andrew Schock
Georgia and Alabama State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Michael Schwartz
Senior Environmental Associate, Freshwater Institute
Larry Selzer
President & CEO
Matthew Sexton
Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
Julie Shackelford
Texas State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Kata Sharrer
Engineering Technician, Freshwater Institute
Kyle Shenk
Northeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
Ann Simonelli
Media Relations Director
Natasha Skelton
Virginia Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition