August 16, 2023 |The Conservation Fund

From Our CEO: Nature Needs Climate Investment to Survive

America is fighting two environmental battles at once — making the transition to clean energy and protecting biodiversity. They are being waged as a zero-sum game, putting both at risk. Instead of pitting clean energy and species conservation against each other, America needs collaborative solutions that champion “unlikely alliances” to balance both, according to The Conservation Fund President and CEO Larry Selzer and Ioneer Managing Director and CEO Bernard Rowe.

While it may seem unusual for the leaders of an environmental group and a mining company to team up, the urgency of this issue is one that requires new ways of working together and thinking about the critical issues at hand.  

“Investing in a domestic supply chain, including wind and solar and hundreds of thousands of miles of new transmission capacity, will result in unavoidable impacts to the nation’s land and species. Recognizing this fact, and crafting mitigation plans that address these effects through additional land conservation and restoration while integrating climate resilience into our expanding network of protected lands, will allow us to advance both climate and biodiversity goals in a meaningful way.”

- Larry Selzer and Bernard Rowe

As the authors note, “The U.S. can lead a new chapter in sustainable innovation, growing and working with nature along the way, ensuring we reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the scale and urgency required while protecting vital lands that will help species survive.” 

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