August 20, 2021|By The Conservation Fund| Forests

Forests Are one of the Best Nature-Based Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Among the best and most effective strategies available to combat climate change are those that protect our natural lands, especially our existing forests. Now is the time to work together with investors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and governments to increase private and federal funding for forest conservation on the scale we need. At The Conservation Fund, we believe so strongly in the power of forests that we created an innovative program to accelerate forest protection called the Working Forest Fund®

 Larry Selzer, CEO and President of The Conservation Fund, has written several recent articles that expand on this topic and how The Conservation Fund is uniquely positioned to lead. Keep reading to learn more about how protecting forests now is more essential than you might realize.

The Hill, August 20, 2021 
— Forests and climate change solutions by Larry Selzer

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“The IPCC report emphasizes that we are running out of time. If we truly want to meet our goals and ensure the best possible future, we must use every tool available. Alternative energy and engineered carbon capture technology are important to our long-term climate objectives but forests support life on earth now in a unique and essential way.”

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