Natural Solutions for a Changing Climate

We are seeking to purchase a 263-acre farm in central California for agricultural use to
support local jobs while restoring the native wetlands to help absorb the impacts of floods in this high value crop-producing region.

Ensuring the Cliffs Stand Tall for Generations

Transferring 252 acres of historical lands back to the Rappahannock tribe is just the beginning in Fones Cliffs, Virginia. Next year, we will transfer an additional 954 acres to continue to
preserve their history and protect the bald eagles that make the cliffs their unique habitat.

Protecting Denver’s Wild Side

Home to recognizable species like moose and black bear, Mount Tom stands over 9,700 feet and is just 25 miles outside of Denver, Colorado.
Learn how we are helping local partners protect and become stewards of the 2,000 acres we purchased along the mountain.

Farming with the Future in Mind

Our Working Farms Fund program allows for a new generation of farmers, like first generation American Rahul, access to land, strengthening local food systems and protecting valuable farmland from development.
Learn about Rahul’s expanding Snapfinger Farm near Atlanta.

Safeguarding America’s Stories and Lands

Near Pea Ridge, Arkansas in the Ozark Mountain range,
we transferred a 140-acre property to the National Park Service to protect the landscape’s stories from America’s past like the Trail of Tears and the amazing wildlife living there.

Securing Forests for the Future

Our Working Forest Fund acquires forestland for sustainable timber management, conserving wildlife habitat and supporting forestry jobs. Read about how we are working in
Oklahoma to create the first state forest and a new state forest in New York’s Catskill Mountains