In 2022, The Conservation Fund secured a 197-acre farm in Covington, Georgia, Newton County, on behalf of Snapfinger Farm. This unique property borders the South River, a major watershed of Atlanta that American Rivers named one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers in 2022, urging conservation of this at-risk watershed. The farm’s ecosystems include riparian floodplain, wetlands, streams, and lakes, with extensive farmland, resulting in high biodiversity across the property. Over the next four years, Snapfinger Farm will expand production on more than 50 acres of cropland to sell to Atlanta wholesale markets.

Using the ‘Buy-Support-Protect-Sell’ model, the Working Farms Fund is securing and permanently protecting the property as farmland,
preserving the ecological value of this landscape to the larger river system, investing in the success of this local farm business, and providing Snapfinger Farm with a patient pathway to affordable farmland ownership.


Snapfinger Farm’s mission is to be a strong rural business attracting creative young people through agriculture and craft. Snapfinger envisions the farm expansion as a place for new ideas and building a healthy community by meeting the high demand for fresh, local food through sustainable farm growth.