November 15, 2023 |The Conservation Fund

Double Your Donation Impact on National Philanthropy Day

We are proud to be one of America’s top-rated land conservation organizations backed by the support of thousands of donors — including three individuals whom you’ll meet in a moment.

And we are thrilled to announce a one-day dollar-for-dollar match* — by contributing today, your online gift will make twice the impact on important conservation projects across the country.

Let’s meet Emily, Chris and Nick and find out what motivates them to partner with The Conservation Fund.

Tell us about your favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Emily: I love going to state parks in my area [in Pittsburgh], especially in the fall! Seeing the changing landscapes and the vibrant colors is always magical.

Chris: As an Eagle Scout, I grew up hiking and camping all around Minnesota and the neighboring states, and I’ll always be especially fond of Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. I also enjoy traveling to the various National Parks for hiking and photography, and have the goal to eventually visit them all.

Nick: I’ve always enjoyed biking, but I started camping with my friends a few years back and really got into hiking and kayaking as well.

Pelican River Forest, WI. Photo by Jay Brittain.

What concerns do you have about the environment?

Chris: The negative impacts of habitat loss and land mismanagement cannot be overstated, even at the local scale. It is imperative to preserve remaining wilderness areas and to use the land more responsibly. Having watched the suburb in which I grew up expand into once-pristine forests and wetlands, I hope that local natural areas will remain accessible to future generations.

Nick: I’m concerned that in the future it will be harder to find the peace and relief that people need when they want to explore nature. Clean water and pollution are concerning to me, especially when as an individual I find it harder to fix problem of the larger polluters, such as corporations.

Emily: Deforestation is one of my biggest environmental concerns. The resulting strain on our natural resources and depletion of habitats causes ripple effects across our ecosystems and supply chains. Supporting local, state and national parks is an easy first step to helping conservation efforts.

Columbia Gorge Forest, WA. Photo by Ian Shive.

What about The Conservation Fund inspires you to donate?

Emily: I decided to start donating to The Conservation Fund because I wanted a way to support the effort to preserve our natural lands. I like that The Conservation Fund works to create a community around their conservation efforts.

Nick: I appreciate that when I donate to The Conservation Fund I know my dollars are being put to a good cause and not just marketing. I’m making a decision to vote for a better tomorrow with each donation I make. It feels good knowing that I’m helping to make a difference.

Chris: I especially appreciate The Conservation Fund’s commitment to protecting wildlife migration corridors, expanding wildlife refuges, and promoting sustainable ways for communities to interact with their local environments. It is critical that we re-evaluate our priorities as a society in order to become more responsible stewards of nature.

The Conservation Fund has helped protect pronghorn antelope migration corridors in Wyoming. Photo by Mark Gocke, USDA.

Protecting the landscapes that shape our country and provide for us would not be possible without our dedicated supporters. Today we celebrate and are so grateful for your support. Special thanks to Emily, Chris and Nick for sharing their stories with us.

Don’t forget to donate online today to have your gift doubled!

*All online donations to The Conservation Fund will be matched dollar for dollar on November 15, 2023, up to $1,000 in total match.

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