March 1, 2021 |The Conservation Fund | Food and Farms

Podcast: How Agriculture and Conservation Can Work in Harmony

To us, the protection of farms means keeping them productively working. Especially in our current times of food insecurity, equipping farmers with their most valuable tool—land—has never been more important.

3 1 21 Working Farms Fund 09Photo courtesy The Conservation Fund’s Working Farms Fund.

Our Working Farms Fund, which is currently being piloted in Atlanta, does just that by:

  • Permanently protecting metro-area farmland from being lost to development
  • Guaranteeing the best farmland will be around for future generations
  • Breaking down obstacles for next-generation farm businesses by making farmland affordable and providing resources for a patient pathway to ownership
  • Giving former farmers a financially-viable opportunity to secure their personal legacy of farmland stewardship in retirement

Our own Stacy Funderburke recently joined Matt Brechwald on the Off-Farm Income podcast to discuss all of that and more.

Listen to their full conversation here:
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More about Working Farms Fund:

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