March 29, 2021 |The Conservation Fund | Climate

Protecting Our Most Valuable Carbon Capture Technology—Forests

There’s no doubt technology will play a critical role in our global fight against climate change. Each week, there are new ideas, concepts and conversations focused on creating carbon capture technology that has the potential to dramatically increase the amount of greenhouse gasses our planet can absorb.

However, many of these concepts may take years, if not decades, to come online and operate at scale—time that scientists and Mother Nature say we just don’t have.

In order to make tangible and timely progress, we have to shift our traditional understanding of “technology” to be inclusive of both promising manmade solutions and naturally existing solutions that are working right this minute to remove harmful carbon from the atmosphere.

U.S. forests absorb 16% of our annual greenhouse gas emissions while providing essential benefits, like clean air, clean drinking water, habitat for wildlife to roam, and opportunities for current and future generations to explore the outdoors. In addition, new innovations in forest technology are making this natural solution more powerful than ever before.

Learn more from our CEO and President Larry Selzer on why we cannot afford to lose the one carbon capturing technology that supports all life on earth today—our existing forests.

Our Daily Planet
Tackling Climate Change Begins with Investing in Our Forests 
by Larry Selzer

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Kristie George

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