Cordelio Power has two wind energy projects that are examples of these new investments in renewable energy. The Glacier Sands Wind Power project covers approximately 30,000 acres and consists of 43 wind turbines that can generate 185 MW of renewable energy annually. The 19,000-acre Moraine Sands project will contain 49 turbines capable of producing 190 MW of energy.

After efforts to avoid and minimize impacts to Illinois chorus frog habitat are made, construction of the wind energy projects will result in a small amount of unavoidable impact in the Illinois sand prairies. Cordelio Power and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) agreed that a mitigation fund would be established to offset these unavoidable impacts resulting from the projects.


IDNR designated The Conservation Fund to hold the mitigation fund and implement projects that result in conservation benefit to the Illinois chorus frog.



The Conservation Fund is working with IDNR, Heartlands Conservancy and other partners to identify priority acquisition and restoration sites that would benefit the Illinois chorus frog and has begun reaching out to potential project partners. The goal is to provide landscape-scale benefits to the Illinois chorus frog.


Together these wind energy projects can generate sufficient electricity to satisfy the annual consumption needs of more than 336,000 homes.