In Madison and Boone County:

Across our rural landscapes, towns and city, our community thrives through sustained collaboration that cultivates economic opportunity and community health, building from vibrant public spaces, natural resources, recreation options, pride in our history and culture, and the ability to adapt and rise.


A. Enhance recreation offerings

  • Action A.1: Support river cleanups
  • Action A.2: Add and enhance recreation activities and programming
  • Action A.3: Add and enhance parks and recreation facilities and infrastructure

B. Activate the community and public spaces

  • Action B.1: Add and enhance events and programming
  • Action B.2: Initiate a youth mentorship and shadowing program
  • Action B.3: Bring in entrepreneurial and small business training

C. Communicate on infrastructure, events and programming

  • Action C.1: Create a website for recreation activities and visitor services
  • Action C.2: Create a brochure for recreation activities and visitor services

D. Plan countywide for parks and recreation


There is great need in Madison and Boone County, but also great promise from initiatives underway and yet to come. There is an opportunity to foster entrepreneurship at the local level, build an outdoor recreation economy within a broader shift to an asset-based economy, and lean into increasing public interest in unique outdoor, recreation, or cultural experiences, particularly in rural areas.

The Madison/Boone Resource and Recreation Action Plan focused on identifying actions to:

  • strengthen recreation options and community health,
  • protect natural and cultural resources, and
  • foster an emerging outdoor recreation economy and lasting economic opportunity.

Kicking off in 2021 and including multiple meetings, trainings, surveys, and a multi-day workshop, the project worked through a locally led Steering Team and additional participants to identify assets, opportunities, and actions.

The Madison/Boone Resource and Recreation Action Plan took the initial steps, through its process and deliverables, to foster greater health and vitality in Madison and across Boone County. Significant work remains to catalyze positive impact on the people, places, environment, and economy of this region, and the actions identified in the plan are intended to serve as a guide in that work.





Susan Elks, Program Manager, Balancing Nature and Commerce, The Conservation Fund at or 610-563-1516.