Working Forest FundWorking Forest Fund

Today, more than half of our 750 million acres of forests in the U.S. may be vulnerable to being fragmented and converted to other uses. To meet the pressing need for forestland conservation, the Working Forest Fund (WFF) both quickens the pace and increases the scale of our work. 



The Fund pioneered the WFF as a dedicated source of conservation bridge capital that allows us to quickly acquire threatened forests with high conservation value. While we own, restore and sustainably manage these lands as working forests, we work with our conservation partners over a number of years to raise the funds to permanently protect them. 

Our Working Forest Fund Model

For each WFF property, we develop and implement sustainable forest management plans, placing conservation safeguards on these sensitive lands so the forests will remain intact.  We then return them to private ownership or public agency stewardship.  In this way, each one becomes a protected, working forest, boosting its local economy by maintaining jobs.  The dollars are then reinvested in new projects, helping to protect additional lands and communities.  The WFF Program has protected hundreds of thousands of acres and is active in each major timber growing region of the country.

Key Forest Benefits


The time to act is now. What can you do to help?

The threat to America's working forests is one of the most overlooked and urgent environmental issues of our time, but we have an opportunity to create a better path forward before it’s too late. We hope you will join us in this effort to preserve the working forestlands we all depend on. Please donate to The Conservation Fund today