You’re likely reading this because, like us, you recognize America has a food security problem. The demand for local food is growing, while the average American farmer is getting older. Farms are being lost to development, and the next generation of farmers can’t afford the remaining farmland while expanding their production. At the same time, communities across the country are facing inequity issues that impact their health and daily wellbeing. These challenges are big, but they can be resolved with a unique approach to farm conservation and partnership. Our Working Farms Fund is building a healthier, more equitable and resilient food system.

The program permanently protects at-risk farmland, creates opportunities for ambitious, diverse farmers to scale up local food production, and through conservation easements and lease-to-own options, these farmers will come out of the program owning their own farms and building partnerships that will help them increase food production and market return.

Working Farms Fund illustration

1. Creating affordable and equitable farm ownership opportunities for diverse and ambitious next-generation farmers to build prosperous farm businesses and vibrant communities.

2. Growing a resilient food system that strengthens connections between farmers, markets, and consumers and increases the supply of locally grown and nutritious foods.

3. Ensuring permanent protection of critical farmland to grow our local food supply and secure the benefits of clean air and water for local communities.

4. Accelerating the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices and incentivizing farmers to improve the environment and human health.



Historic and present-day injustice creates challenges to accessing land, capital, loans, program support, and educational tools for people of color, indigenous people, women, and other economically disadvantaged groups. Our program is committed to increasing opportunities for those farmers who have been historically marginalized.