National Office (Arlington, VA)

Sophie L. Bertazzo, Online Content Manager
Alisa Borland, Vice President of Development
Kendra Briechle, Senior Training Associate, Conservation Leadership Network
Beth Ann Burns, Executive Assistant to the Chairman Emeritus
Holly Cannon, Senior Counsel
Tracy L. Carmichael, Senior Network Administrator
Michael Cox, Controller
Lily G. Engle, Deputy General Counsel
Richard L. Erdmann, Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Joyce Ferrell, Manager, Human Resources & Administration
Whitney Flanagan, Creative Director
Carrie Gombos, Conservation Associate & Go Zero® Operations Manager
Reggie Hall, Director, Land Conservation Loan Fund
Alterra Hetzel, Forest Carbon Business Development Manager
Kelly Ingebritson, Western Federal Lands Associate
Patricia Kelmartin, Assistant Controller
Frances H. Kennedy, Director, Historic Lands Program, Contractor
Ainsley M. Lockhart, Annual Fund Coordinator
Hazel Mayers, Receptionist/Office Assistant
Meg A. McCants, Corporate Secretary & Real Estate Director
Raiza D. McCutchan, Assistant Controller
Erik Meyers, Vice President of Sustainable Programs
Jena Meredith, Director, Corporate Relations & Go Zero
Carolyn McCoy, Senior Paralegal
Robin Murphy, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications
Patrick F. Noonan, Chairman Emeritus
Daisy S. Perez, Staff Accountant
David K. Phillips, Jr., Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Kelly M. Reed, Director, Government Relations
Claire Robinette, Development and Communications Specialist
Gwenith R. Rogg, Major Gifts Manager
Wendy Sams-Richardson, Chief Information Officer
Lawrence A. Selzer, President & CEO
Amy Shaw, Real Estate Assistant
Ann Simonelli, Media Relations Director
Kaitlyn Sipos, Database and Records Assistant
Stacia Stanek, Senior Representative, Government Relations
Rose Survine-Wesley, Human Resources
Administrative Coordinator
Wendy Taylor, Associate Director, Development
Alexandra Thompson, Development Assistant
Scott M. Tison, Real Estate Legal Manager
Lesley White-Kayser, Development Systems Manager
Tom Williams, Federal Projects Coordinator, Contractor

New York

Ole Amundsen, Land Conservation Loan Program Manager & Strategic Conservation Program Manager


Nancy Bell, Vermont Representative


Thomas Boutureira, New England Field Representative

Regional Office (Delaware)

Blaine Phillips, Senior Vice President, Real Estate 

Conservation Leadership Network (Shepherdstown, WV)

Katherine Allen, Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network
Margarita Carey, Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network
Kris Hoellen, VP, Sustainable Programs & Director, Conservation Leadership Network

Freshwater Institute (Shepherdstown, WV)

Laura E. Christianson, Research Agricultural Engineer
Shanen A. Cogan, Operations Assistant
John W. Davidson III, Senior Research Associate
C. Frederick Ford II, Facilities Manager
Susan Glenn, Water Chemist
Christopher Good, Aquaculture Veterinarian
Joseph A. Hankins, Vice President & Director, Freshwater Institute
Travis May, Aquaculture Production Manager
Kata Rishel, Research Associate
Karen Schroyer, Environmental Chemistry Lab Manager
Michael Schwartz, Senior Environmental Associate
Steven Summerfelt, Director of Aquaculture System Research
Scott Tsukuda, Director of Operations
Brian Vinci, Director of Environmental Engineering Services
Wendy Wilson, Project Accountant 

Natural Capital Investment Fund (Shepherdstown, WV)

Rosalind L. Black, Senior Accountant
Joseph Brouse, Business Lender
Quinn Coleman, Credit Analyst
Robert Keel, Administrative Assistant
Marten Jenkins, President, NCIF
Rick Larson, Director of Special Initiatives
David McCann, Business Lender
Erika McGilley, Business Lender, Western NC
Enrique Perez, Marketing and Community Manager, NCIF
Anna Tefft, Director of Lending
Hannah Vargason, Project Manager, Energy Initiative


Bill Crouch, Maryland Director
Eileen M. Falatach, Administrative Assistant
Amelia Matthews, Paralegal
Jodi R. O’Day, Vice President and Regional Counsel
Ted Weber, Science Manager, Strategic Conservation

New Jersey

Ben Spinelli, New Jersey Field Representative, Contractor


Todd McNew, Pennsylvania Director
Kyle Shenk, Pennsylvania Real Estate Representative
Megan Zack, Pennsylvania Program Associate

Southeast Regional Office

Stacy Funderburke, Real Estate Associate
Ralph Knoll, Tennessee Representative
Shannon Lee, Conservation Associate
Andrew Schock, Georgia State Director


Lauren Day, Florida Real Estate Associate
Matthew S. Sexton, Senior Vice President, Real Estate
George Wilson, Contractor


Ray S. Herndon, Director, Lower Mississippi Region

North Carolina

William L. Allen, Director, Strategic Conservation
Justin Boner, Ecotourism Programs Coordinator
Ricky Bratz, Healthy Eating, Active Living Coordinator, Resourceful Communities Program
Cynthia Brown, Specialist, Resourceful Communities Program
Trevor Cutsinger, Forest Operations Manager
Brian Dangler, Director, New Forest Fund
Sarah Guidi, Trainer, Resourceful Communities Program
Bill Holman, North Carolina Director
Paul F. Hurt, Deputy General Counsel
Ammie Jenkins, Executive Director, Sandhills Family Heritage Association
Jesalyn Keziah, Community Food Coordinator
Kathleen Marks, Associate Director, Resourceful Communities Program
Monica McCann, Associate Director, Resourceful Communities Program
Donna F. Pratt, Event & Project Coordinator, Resourceful Communities
Mikki Sager, Vice President & Director, Resourceful Communities Program
Julius Tillery, Food & Farm Field Coordinator
Jazmin Varela, Information Manager, Strategic Conservation Planning
William Vaughan, Palmetto Peartree Preserve Manager
Renee Williams, Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

South Carolina

Jason Johnson, South Carolina Director

Midwest Regional Office

Peg Kohring, Director, Midwest Office

Upper Midwest

Thomas Duffus, Vice President & Upper Midwest Director
Steve Hobbs, Program Director, Minnesota
Clint Miller, Upper Midwest Field Representative
Bethany Olmstead, Upper Midwest Program Manager


Danielle D. Casavant, Senior Major Gifts Officer (Lansing)
Michael T. Kelly, Director, Great Lakes Office
Laura Lindquist, Project Assistant
Vimie Magsino, Food Security Program Coordinator
Ginny Trocchio, Project Manager

Wisconsin (Milwaukee)

David Grusznski, Program Director
Angie Jackson, Project Coordinator

Northwest Regional Office

Mark W. Elsbree, Senior Vice President, Real Estate, West


Gates Watson, Director, Montana Office


Luke Lynch, Wyoming Director

Southwest Regional Office

Mike Ford, Director, Southwest Regional Office (Consultant)
Barry Stubbs, Real Estate Project Manager (Consultant)


Julie Covey, Texas Office Manager
Andy Jones, Texas Director
Julie Shackelford, Texas Programs Director

Western Regional Office (Colorado)

Sydney S. Macy, Senior Vice President, Western Region
Thomas T. Macy, Western Representative (Consultant)
Elizabeth Slokar, Office Manager/Administrative Projects Assistant
Christine Quinlan, Projects Manager


Glenn Elison, Alaska Director
Christopher Little, Alaska Real Estate Associate
Brad A. Meiklejohn, Alaska Representative


Scott Ferguson, Southern California Program Director
Jordan Golinkoff, Forest Carbon Analyst
Margery Heppner, Bookkeeper
Chris Kelly, California Program Director
Scott Kelly, Timberlands Manager
Holly Newberger, Program Coordinator
Madison Thomson, Forester


Tom Pinit, Conservation Ventures Associate
Evan H. Smith, VP, Conservation Ventures & Forestry