The Working Farms Fund builds on the strength of The Conservation Fund’s dual mission—to support both environmental conservation and economic resilience for communities across America. Our Working Farms Fund is currently being piloted in Atlanta and Chicago, with the goal to expand to other cities nationwide. Agriculture is rooted in a history of stewardship of the land and conservation principles. Farmers have long been our nation’s first conservationists. We believe that the Working Farms Fund will have lasting economic, social and environmental benefits not only for our farmers, but the communities they live in and serve.

Core Principles:

  • Food Security (more food available locally, ensuring a safer, healthier food supply; investing in new markets and expanding food security options)
  • Farm Business Success (affordable farmland ensuring successful farm businesses, support for farm business planning, and support through lending institutions)
  • Rural Economies (investment in successful rural businesses, transition of farmland to new agribusiness owners- buying materials and equipment, but also employing locally)
  • Climate Solutions (reduced emissions, and improved soil management on farms, leading to carbon capture – connect to new Responding to Climate Change page)
  • Sustainable Land Management (air, water, soil quality and habitat improvements through partnership with state and federal agencies to support best practices, avoided conversion to more impactful development uses)
  • Permanently Protected Farmland (acres permanent protection, avoided acres of development, transition of farmland between generations- and affordable farmland for generations to come)

Meet the Farmers

Farmers in the Working Farms Fund are not just entrepreneurial, but eager and willing to put in the work to scale up their community’s food systems. Currently, we’re working with several farm teams in the Atlanta-metro area to rise to these tough challenges. Let’s meet them! 

Love is Love Cooperative Farm

Love is Love Cooperative FarmIn 2021, the Working Farms Fund invested in 69 acres of conventional pasture to transition to Organic farmland on behalf of Love is Love Farm for their cooperative diverse vegetable, fruit and flower farm. Click here to learn more.

Global Growers Network Farm

Global Growers Network FarmAcquired in 2021, this 22 acre farm will host immigrant and refugee farmers who will preserve and share multicultural farming traditions and produce culturally-relevant foods for local marketplaces at the Global Growers Network farm. Click here to learn more.