Headquarters (Arlington, VA)

  • Sami Aboulhosn, Regional Counsel and Assistant Secretary
  • Peter Afambo, Payroll & Retirement Plan Manager
  • Humnah Ali, Staff Accountant
  • Nina Balter, Research Manager
  • Madison Barbee, Legal Manager and Assistant Secretary
  • Christopher Bell, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
  • Holly Cannon, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • Jake Cooke, Government Relations Representative
  • Luisa Cortes, Senior Grants Administrator
  • Jason Dorsey, Accounting Manager
  • Lily G. Engle, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
  • Kai Fang, Director of Brand Strategy
  • Kaitlyn Fisher, Database Associate
  • Andrea Ferri, Manager, Conservation Loans
  • Hillina Fetehawoke, Director of Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Raul Garcia, Desktop Systems Administrator 
  • Monica Garrison, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
  • John S. Gilbert, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 
  • Moira Harris, Development Assistant 
  • Naomi Harris, HR Manager                        
  • Minh Ho, Systems Administrator
  • Michael Johnson, Senior Government Relations Representative
  • Rachael Joiner, Regional Director of Fundraising, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic
  • Mouna Kamoun, Senior Accountant
  • Valerie Keefer, Media Relations Manager
  • William Kelleher, Senior Government Relations Representative
  • Chai Young Lee, Staff Accountant 
  • Meg McCants, Conservation Acquisitions Director and Board Secretary
  • Erik Meyers, Vice President
  • Liz Palmer, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration
  • Ainsley M. Pittman, Director of Operations, Development
  • Arielle Plavcan, Government Relations Associate
  • Kelly M. Reed, Senior Vice President of Government Relations
  • Iris Sanchez, Creative Director
  • Lawrence A. Selzer, President and CEO
  • Abby Spring, Senior Vice President, Strategic Engagement
  • Stacia Stanek, Associate Director, Government Relations
  • Carla Tufano, HR Generalist
  • Angelo Tan, Senior Acountant 
  • Jamie Tribble, Office Manager
  • Yetenayet "Yeti" Taye, Senior Finance Manager
  • Wendy Taylor, Senior Director of Strategic Giving
  • Scott M. Tison, Regional Counsel and Assistant Secretary
  • Matt Van Dyke, Graphic Designer
  • Lesley White-Kayser, Director of Systems
  • David Williams, Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Reta Younan, Transaction Coordinator 

Conservation Acquisition Directors

  • Mark Elsbree, Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Blaine Phillips, Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Matthew Sexton, Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition




  • Lauren A. Fety, Forest and Climate Project Manager, Working Forest Fund
  • Ben Fryer, Northern California Project Manager  
  • Steve Hobbs, California State Director
  • Samaria Jaffe, Pacific Coast Regional Director of Fundraising                               
  • Scott Kelly, Timberlands Manager, Working Forest Fund
  • Lynsey Kelly, GIS specialist 
  • Dan Medeiros, Conservation Project Manager
  • Holly Newberger, North Coast Program Manager, Working Forest Fund
  • Barbara W. Ortega, Bookkeeper    
  • Derek Ostensen, California Project Manager
  • Joaquin Quintana, Forester, Working Forest Fund
  • Evan Smith, Senior Vice President, Conservation Ventures
  • Blake Tallman, Forest Technician
  • JaCodie Thompson, Forest Technician, Working Forest Fund 
  • Jordan Wills, Conservation Associate





  • Lucas Bladen, Northeast Major Gifts Manager
  • Gretchen Hoffmann, Blog Manager


  • Josh Mottola, Data Associate
  • Blaine Phillips, Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition


  • Lauren Day, Florida State Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Matthew Sexton, Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Erin Miller-Carter, Digital Marketing Manager
  • Rebecca Perry, Florida Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition


  • Phillip Howard, Program Manager, Civil Rights People and Places, Conservation Acquisition
  • Stacy Funderburke, Regional Counsel and Georgia and Alabama Associate State Director
  • Shannon Lee, Senior Major Gifts Officer, Southeast
  • Roberta Moore, Field Representative, Southeast Region, Conservation Acquisition 
  • Elizabeth Renfroe, Office Manager
  • Andrew Schock, Georgia and Alabama State Director, Conservation Acquisition 
  • Krisztian Varsa, Working Farms Fund Associate


  • Mark Elsbree, Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition


  • Emy Brawley, Great Lakes Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Aimee Collins, Midwest Program Associate

Leading harvest

  • Catherine Eason, Leading Harvest Programs Coordinator
  • Kenny Fahey, Working Lands Principal
  • Scott Hansen, Director, Standards and Education
  • Andrew Lauver, Director, Programs and Strategic Alliances



  • Ray S. Herndon, Vice President, Lower Mississippi and Gulf Coast Region, Conservation Acquisition
  • Sarah Howard, Central Gulf Region Representative, Conservation Acquisition 



  • Bill Crouch, Maryland State Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Amelia Matthews, Transaction Specialist
  • Terri Zseleczky, Maryland Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition


  • Thomas Duffus, Vice President and Northeast Representative, Conservation Acquisition
  • Brian Schneider, Forest Operations Manager, Working Forest Fund



  • Kim Berns-Melhus, Minnesota State Director, Conservation Acquisition  
  • Clint Miller, Central Midwest Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Emilee Nelson, Minnesota Associate State Director, Conservation Acquisition                               



  • Gavin Kakol, Nevada Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition

New Hampshire

North Carolina

Resourceful Communities Headquarters (NC)

Conservation services, National Headquarters (NC)

  • William L. Allen, Senior Vice President, Strategic Giving & Conservation Services

Working Forest Fund, National Headquarters (NC)

  • Brian Dangler, Senior Vice President, Working Forest Fund
  • Caroline Durham, Land Protection Specialist, Working Forest Fund
  • Kevin Harnish, Director, WFF Analysis & Carbon Development, Working Forest Fund
  • Bethany Olmstead, Director, Conservation, Working Forest Fund
  • Katie Rohrbaugh, Operations Assistant, Working Forest Fund
  • Jenna Schreiber, Forest Operations Manager, Working Forest Fund
  • Michael Scott, Forest Analyst, Working Forest Fund
  • Buck Vaughan, Director, Forestry, Working Forest Fund
  • Lindsay White, Senior Land Protections Specialist, Working Forest Fund


  • Laura Bower, Pennsylvania Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition
  • Susan Elks, Program Manager, Balancing Nature and Commerce
  • Kyle Shenk, Northeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Ann Simonelli, Media Relations Director


South Carolina



  • Ralph Knoll, Tennessee State Director, Conservation Acquisition 


  • Ellen Gass, Texas Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition
  • Callie Hastings Easterly, Regional Director of Fundraising, Gulf Coast & Southwest
  • Andy Jones, Senior Project Manager, Conservation Acquisition 
  • Alyssa "Aly" Kirk, Conservation Acquisition Data Specialist
  • Tonia Lorenz, Finance Manager
  • Kristin Moss, Sabine Ranch Coordinator
  • Julie Shackelford, Texas State Director, Conservation Acquisition 
  • Hilary Toma, Director of Field Financial Services



West Virginia


Freshwater Institute, National Headquarters (WV)


  • Greg Good, Program Manager, Mitigation Solutions


  • David Grusznski, Program Director, Greenseams Program
  • Meghan LaPointe, Milwaukee Program Coordinator
  • Allen Patterson, Program Associate, Greenseams Program