Headquarters (Arlington, VA)

  • Nina Balter, Prospect Researcher 
  • Alisa Borland, Vice President of Development
  • Kendra Briechle, Senior Training Associate, Conservation Leadership Network
  • Deborah Branch, Desktop System Administrator, IT
  • Holly Cannon, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • Mark Cason, Senior Government Relations Representative 
  • Michael Cox, Controller
  • Lily G. Engle, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
  • Richard L. Erdmann, Executive Vice President 
  • Joyce Ferrell, Director, Human Resources and Administration
  • Andrea Ferri, Operations Manager, Conservation Loans
  • John S. Gilbert, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 
  • Zhivko Illeieff, Online Content Manager & Creator
  • Kelly Ingebritson, Senior Representative, Government Relations
  • Rachael Joiner, Major Gifts Manager
  • Patricia Kelmartin, Assistant Controller
  • Frances H. Kennedy, Director, Historic Lands Program, Consultant
  • Hazel Mayers, Receptionist
  • Meg McCants, Conservation Acquisitions Director and Board Secretary
  • Raiza D. McCutchan, Assistant Controller
  • Erik Meyers, Vice President
  • Robin Murphy, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Patrick F. Noonan, Chairman Emeritus
  • Ainsley M. Pittman, Development Manager
  • Kelly M. Reed, Vice President of Government Relations
  • Bobbi Reierson, Development Associate
  • Wendy Sams, Senior Advisor
  • Lawrence A. Selzer, President and CEO
  • Mary Sorenson, Database and Records Assistant 
  • Stacia Stanek, Senior Representative, Government Relations
  • Wendy Taylor, Director of Strategic Giving 
  • Scott M. Tison, Real Estate and Legal Manager
  • Franklin Tucker, Legal Assistant
  • Stacia Turner, Urban Conservation Program Associate
  • Katie Valentine, Media Relations Associate 
  • Megan Van Wagoner, HR and Administration Assistant 
  • Eric Wuestewald, Marketing and Communicaitons Specialist 
  • Leigh Whelpton, Program Director, Conservation Finance Network
  • Lesley White-Kayser, Development Systems Manager
  • David Williams, Chief Information Officer
  • Allegra Wrocklage, Program Coordinator, Conservation Finance Network 
  • Pousga Yerbanga, Staff Accountant

Conservation Acquisition Directors

  • Mark Elsbree, Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Blaine Phillips, Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Matthew Sexton, Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition


  • Brad A. Meiklejohn, Alaska State Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Glenn Elison, Alaska Representative, Conservation Acquisition
  • Christopher Little, Alaska State Associate, Conservation Acquisition
  • John Wros, Alaska Associate 





  • Blaine Phillips, Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition


  • Matthew Sexton, Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Lauren Day, Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition
  • Todd McNew, Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition 
  • George Willson, Consultant


  • Andrew Schock, Georgia State Director, Conservation Acquisition 
  • Kelsi Eccles, Urban Conservation Coordinator, Conservation Aquisition 
  • Stacy Funderburke, Southeast Region Assistant, Regional Counsel, and Associate, Conservation Acquisition 
  • Shannon Lee, Urban Conservation Manager, Conservation Acquisition
  • Roberta Moore, Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquisition 


  • Mark Elsbree, Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Dave Anderson, Business Development Associate, Mitigation Services 


  • Emy Brawley, Associate Director, Conservation Services, Midwest



  • Ray S. Herndon, Director, Central Gulf and Lower Mississippi River Region, Conservation Acquisition
  • Sarah Howard, Central Gulf Region Representative, Conservation Acquisition 



  • Bill Crouch, Maryland State Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Jennifer R. McNulty, Office Manager/Legal Assistant
  • Amelia Matthews, Transaction Specialist
  • Jodi R. O’Day, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant Secretary



  • Ted Weber, Science Manager, Strategic Conservation




  • Clint Miller, Midwest Project Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Emilee S. Nelson, Representative, Conservation Acquisition                               


  • Gates Watson, Montana and Northwest Director, Conservation Acquisition


  • Mike Ford, Nevada and Southwest Director, Conservation Acquisition
  • Barry Stubbs, Conservation Acquisition Associate

New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Carolina

Natural Capital Investment Fund (NC Office) 

  • Rick Larson, Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Natural Capital Investment Fund 
  • Anna Tefft, Senior Vice President and Director of Lending, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Quinn Coleman, Credit Analyst, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • TF Congleton, Eastern NC Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Erika McGilley, Western North Carolina Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Kristy Sitton, Loan Closing Specialist, Natural Capital Investment Fund


Resourceful Communities Headquarters (NC)

Strategic Conservation Planning, National Headquarters (NC)

  • William L. Allen, Vice President, Director, Strategic Conservation Planning
  • Jazmin Varela, Information Manager, Strategic Conservation Planning 

Working Forest Fund, National Headquarters (NC)





South Carolina

  • Jason Johnson, South Carolina State Director, Conservation Acquisition 


  • Ralph Knoll, Tennessee Representative, Conservation Acquisition 



  • Nancy Bell, Vermont and New Hampshire State Director, Conservation Acquisition


  • Heather Richards, Virginia State Director and Program Manager, Mitigation Solutions



Conservation Leadership Network, National Headquarters (WV)

Freshwater Institute, National Headquarters (WV)

  • Joseph A. Hankins, Vice President, Director, Freshwater Institute
  • Shanen A. Cogan, Facility Operations Assistant, Freshwater Institute
  • Curtis Crouse, Assistant Aquaculture Production Manager 
  • Laura J. Bailey, Project Engineer, Freshwater Institute 
  • John W. Davidson III, Senior Research Associate, Freshwater Institute
  • Christopher Good, Director of Aquatic Veterinary Research, Freshwater Institute
  • Carolyn Koldos, Administrative Assitant
  • Christine Lepine, Research Associate, Freshwater Institute
  • Travis May, Aquaculture Production Manager, Freshwater Institute
  • Natalie Monacelli, Environmental Lab Technician, Freshwater Institute 
  • Megan Murray, Environmental Laboratory Technician 
  • Karen Schroyer, Environmental Laboratory Manager, Freshwater Institute
  • Michael Schwartz, Senior Environmental Associate, Freshwater Institute
  • Kata Sharrer, Engineering Technician, Freshwater Institute
  • Scott Tsukuda, Director of Operations, Freshwater Institute
  • Brian Vinci, Director of Environmental Engineering Services, Freshwater Institute 
  • Wendy Wilson, Project Accountant, Freshwater Institute
  • Chance Younker, Aquaculture Technician 

Natural Capital Investment Fund Headquarters (WV)

  • Marten Jenkins, President and CEO, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Rosalind L. Black, Senior Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Janette DeLapa, Senior Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Todd Crump, Business Coach, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Robert Keel, Loan Fund Administrator, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Kevin O'Connor, West Virginia Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Hannah Vargason, Energy Project Manager, Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • Justin White, Business Lender 



  • Dan Schlager, Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition