Saving Maine's Forests

With the help of our Working Forest Fund, we’re protecting more than 32,400 acres on the Mattawamkeag River in Aroostook County. This expanse of wetlands and upland forest is important for numerous wildlife species in Maine’s iconic North Woods, including Atlantic salmon, bald eagles, northern goshawk, five warbler species, osprey, white-tailed deer and Canada lynx. This project builds on a broader landscape of more than a million acres of conserved lands and interconnected forest habitat that stretches beyond the border into New Brunswick, Canada. The property will remain a working forest, ensuring continued fiber production and protecting jobs and recreational opportunities.

In a precedent-setting initiative to protect U.S. working forests Apple is committed to protecting—and creating—as much sustainable working forest as is needed to produce the paper in its product packaging4. Apple is working with The Conservation Fund to permanently protect more than 36,000 acres of working forest in the eastern United States, including the Reed Forest in Maine. This initiative prevents forest fragmentation, addresses climate change, filters water for communities downstream and provides a steady supply of sustainably harvested timber to paper and pulp mills.

Why This Project Matters

Changes in the forestry industry have left millions of acres of forestland across the country up for sale with an uncertain fate. But by forging innovative partnerships and finding creative solutions, we’re turning this into an unprecedented opportunity for landscape-level conservation. We’re not just conserving forests, we’re preserving a way of life for communities that depend on the forest-based economy for their livelihoods.

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4Based on equivalent virgin fiber production from protected forests and virgin fiber used for Apple’s product packaging.