Strategic Conservation Plans For Nevada Western Nevada landscape

The Nevada Land Conservancy asked us to help think strategically about western Nevada, the Sierra Front range and areas along border states of California and Oregon—a vast expanse covering 30 million acres. We’re producing a series of planning tools to help… Read More

Clark County Clark County Wetlands Park, Nevada

The Fund has undertaken several different conservation projects with the Bureau of Land Management in Clark County. Clark County Grazing Allotments Since 1996 the Fund has worked with local ranchers, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife… Read More

Washoe Valley Washoe Valley, Nevada

To date, the Fund has conserved more than 2,000 acres of open space and 3,200 acre-feet of surface and ground water within Washoe Valley at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In one of the grandest conservation accomplishments under… Read More


Mike Ford
Mike Ford Nevada
(702) 655-8167

As Nevada and Southwest Director, Mike Ford leads some of our biggest and most complex conservation efforts, including a project that protected nearly 100 miles of the Grand Canyon’s North Rim.  For inquiries in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, or Utah, please contact Mike.