Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge Mollicy Farm unit at Upper Ouachita NWR

The Ouachita River flows through Louisiana’s landscape for more than 600 miles beginning just 20 miles north of Monroe and stretching more than 42,500 acres north over the Lower Mississippi River Valley. It is the defining feature of the region… Read More

Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area Maurepas National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana

About 25 miles outside New Orleans, cypress and tupelo trees tower over a classic southern swamp, where herons cast lanky shadows, alligators slink beneath greenish surface waters, and boaters take it all in. This is Maurepas Swamp—a place that is… Read More

Louisiana Wildlife Management High waters at Upper Ouachita NWR

More than two million people live in Louisiana’s coastal areas, which generate nearly $120 billion in business every year through energy development, fisheries, ports and more. All  this activity has impacted the coast. We’ve drained and leveed waters, wiping out… Read More

Joyce Wildlife Management Area NASA image of Lake Pontchartrain Basin

For more than two decades, the Fund has been working to protect and restore Louisiana’s coastal wetland and associated upland habitats, like those found around Lake Pontchartrain.  In 2008, the Fund helped add more than 7,200 acres to the 23,000 Joyce Wildlife Management… Read More