Chicago Wilderness Vision City of Chicago

Our conservation efforts in and around Chicago, from Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie to wetlands restoration, keeps growing. Chicago Wilderness, regional alliance represents more than 300 organizations, recently asked us to help update and refine its 2004 green infrastructure plan. With an ambitious vision to create… Read More

Wind Energy In The Midwest Wind farm

As concerns mount over the high costs and long-term environmental impacts of fossil fuels, wind has become an increasingly important sector of the energy industry. In 2009, the U.S. wind industry supported 85,000 jobs in all 50 states. The U.S…. Read More

Copperhead Hollow State Wildlife Area whip-poor-wil close up

Warblers, wood thrushes and whip-poor-wills migrating through Illinois gained more room to stretch their wings, thanks to the efforts of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the National Wild Turkey Federation and a partnership between the natural gas pipeline project… Read More

Palisades Preserve Eastern prairie fringed orchid

In 2007, the Fund aided the Great Rivers Land Trust and its partners in the creation of the Palisades Preserve, a 430-acre expanse of bluffs and forest overlooking the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Renowned for its scenic… Read More


Peg Kohring
Peg Kohring Sawyer, Michigan
(269) 426-8825

Midwest Director Peg Kohring has, over more than 17 years, led transformative conservation efforts in 12 states, by designing or implementing city greenway efforts, farm preservation, improved farmers markets, flood protection and more. Peg holds a bachelors degree in biology from Michigan State University.


Clint Miller
Clint Miller Pine Island, MN
(507) 356-6301

Clint Miller is our Upper Midwest Field Representative, working across the Dakotas, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Based in southern Minnesota, Clint has worked in conservation for roughly 25 years. Outside the office, he volunteers as a firefighter/EMT and gets outdoors to hike, run, hunt, and kayak whenever he can.