Parks With Purpose: Atlanta Map of Proctor North Avenue

The Fund has been working for more than a decade to establish parks and green space in Atlanta. As part of our effort, we’re working with local partners in the Proctor North Avenue section of the city, stretching from the… Read More

City Of Atlanta Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Conservation efforts, especially in urban areas, often are complicated; but we’ve taken on the challenge in Atlanta with both environmental and economic benefits for communities across the city. Atlanta historically has had one of the nation’s lowest percentages of park space per… Read More

Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail kayaker

Paddlers have a great new website for navigating the Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail (SECT). This extensive trail allows for travel along an unbroken trail of tidal marshes and rivers more than 760 miles along the coasts of Virginia, North Carolina,… Read More

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area Arabia Mountain

Located in DeKalb County, just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is widely valued for its granite outcrops, abundant wildflowers and quiet streams. A “National Heritage Area” is a place designated by Congress where natural, cultural,… Read More

Mapping The Future Of Longleaf Pine image description

Two hundred years ago, the “piney woods” of folk songs were a vast forest sweeping across 90 million acres from Virginia to Texas. The longleaf pine tree towered over the South, sheltering the white-top pitcher plant and the red-cockaded woodpecker… Read More

The Green In Georgia’s Forests Loblolly pine tree

Clean air. Clean Water. Good jobs. Revenue to support education. Our challenge is balancing these pressing issues to sustain economic growth and quality of life. An often-overlooked piece of this sustainability equation in Georgia is 22 million acres of commercial… Read More

Oconee National Forest Oconee National Forest

Did you know that forestry is the largest manufacturing sector in Georgia? Forests are a critical part of the state’s economy.  Unfortunately, in recent years across the country, including areas throughout the Southeast,  more than 10 million acres of private forest… Read More

Silver Lake Wildlife Management Area Silver Lake Wildlife Management Area, Georgia

The nearly 8,400-acre Silver Lake Wildlife Management Area sits in the southwest corner of Georgia, near Bainbridge. The Fund purchased this property in 2007 from International Paper, which had managed it as part of a private forestry research site for… Read More

Lithonia Bicycle path

Nominated for a listing on the National Register of Historic Places, the city of Lithonia, just outside Atlanta, includes a historic African-American community with deep roots in the region. The Conservation Fund has helped restore one of the country’s oldest… Read More

Civil War Battlefield Conservation: Georgia Marker at Rocky Face Ridge Civil War Battlefield

Rocky Face Ridge is the site of the start of the Union Army’s Atlanta Campaign. U.S. Major General Sherman, with his 110,100-man army group, opened the Atlanta Campaign on May 8 with an attack on General Johnston’s 54,500 Confederates on… Read More


Andrew Schock
Andrew Schock Atlanta, GA
(404) 221-0405

Georgia State Director Andrew Schock joined The Conservation Fund in 2003. Since then, he has helped protect and expand prized green space in urban Atlanta, key forestland that buffers Fort Stewart, popular hiking trails, and more. With skills in wildlife biology and business, Andrew advances conservation as a win-win for both our environment and economy.