Educational Tall Ship In San Francisco tall ship illustration

The Conservation Fund supports efforts to protect places where children can get outdoors and learn about nature. Often those projects involve protecting land or saving camps, but sometimes a one-of-a-kind project comes along. That’s what happened back in 2012 when we… Read More

Buckeye Forest Polaris04491080_(c)_Michael-Macor_390x260

Buckeye Forest (formerly known as Preservation Ranch) is the latest installment in The Conservation Fund’s North Coast Forest Conservation Initiative. In 2013, our Working Forest Fund, with support from the Richard King Mellon Foundation, enabled the purchase of the nearly 20,000-acre property… Read More

An Emerald Necklace For Los Angeles Gibson Mariposa Park. Photo by Cameron McIntyre.

As one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, the Los Angeles region should be leading the country in park and recreation opportunities, but, sadly, it is not. In fact, in Los Angeles County, only 36 percent of children live within… Read More

Garcia River Forest Garcia River Forest, Northern California

In 2004, when we purchased the Garcia River Forest, a nearly 24,000-acre expanse of redwood and Douglas fir forests along the Garcia River, we created California’s first large nonprofit-owned working forest. Garcia River Forest comprises one-third of the watershed of… Read More

Saving San Diego’s Open Space San Diego hills and sage brush

San Diego is known for its miles of coastline and beautiful beaches. But there is more to this coastal ecosystem than just sand and surf: other landscapes, such as coastal sage brush and forest habitat, also are critical to maintaining the… Read More

Usal Redwood Forest View of Pacific ocean from Usal Forest

Almost twice the size of San Francisco, the 50,000-acre Usal Redwood Forest, in Mendocino County, is a classic sweep of California coastline. Here, stands of redwood and Douglas fir trees mix with more varied forests, oak woodlands and streams. Beneath… Read More

Gualala River Forest Mouth of the Gualala River

Next door to our Garcia River Forest, the 14,000-acre Gualala River Forest shares its remarkable canopy of redwoods and Douglas firs. Beneath these magnificent trees, the Gualala River courses across the property, providing important spawning habitat for coho salmon and… Read More

Restoring A Forest – And Home For The Coastal Tailed Frog CA-coastal-tailed-frog-Brome-McCreary-390x260

When The Conservation Fund purchased the 24,000-acre Garcia River Forest in the heart of Northern California’s redwood country in 2004, we had something to prove. We wanted to demonstrate that, as one of the nation’s first nonprofit forest owners, we… Read More

Big River And Salmon Creek Forests Big River Forest California

Our acquisition of 16,000 acres of redwood and Douglas firs surrounding Big River and Salmon Creek ensures that these forests will be protected permanently from fragmentation, development and conversion to non-forest uses. Sustainable Forest Management Across both forests, we have… Read More

Beauty Mountain Wilderness Area Cooper's Hawk

Beauty Mountain Wilderness Area truly lives up to its name, with its dramatic rock formations and its namesake—the 5,500-foot Beauty Mountain—providing a stunning backdrop to the increasingly urbanized region around San Diego. Already a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, The Conservation Fund’s… Read More


Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly Larkspur, CA
(415) 927-2123

Since joining The Conservation Fund in 2003, California Program Director Chris Kelly has led efforts to protect more than 125,000 acres of Northern California forestland. Chris is pioneering a new model of non-profit working forest ownership, supported by low-interest public financing and carbon revenue. He has worked in California conservation for more than 25 years.

Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson San Diego, California
(949) 494-8034

Scott Ferguson manages our conservation efforts in Southern California. Please contact him regarding partnerships or projects in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and nearby areas.