Eklutna, Alaska Photo Credit: Eklutna, Inc.

America’s story begins outdoors, and the Native Village of Eklutna is no exception. The name “Eklutna” is inspired by a unique nearby granite formation, and the village, situated about 25 miles northeast of Anchorage, lies in the heart of Dena’ina… Read More

Alaska’s Cold, Wild Kenai River Brown bear Alaska

Alaska’s wild salmon are a natural and economic wonder. One of the areas where their amazing journey from spawning grounds to sea takes place is in the cold, wild Kenai River. We’ve been part of that story for 15 years,… Read More

Kobuk Valley National Park Caribou crossing the Kobuk RIver in Alaska

Every year, Alaska’s Western Arctic caribou herd migrates across a third of the state, including Kobuk Valley National Park. This remarkable herd, with nearly half a million caribou, crisscrosses sculpted sand dunes, breaks trails through the tundra and swims across the Kobuk River… Read More

Chugach State Park Hiker, Chugach mountains

While Alaska is blessed with an abundance of public land, access to that land is not guaranteed. Chugach State Park, the third largest state park in America, is located at the edge of Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city. Chugach has been impacted… Read More

Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Initiative Alaska sockeye salmon

With hundreds of pristine rivers, lakes and streams, the southwest Alaska region abounds with natural resources, diverse habitats, world-class recreation spots and a rich culture and history. Covering an area the size of Washington state, this 40-million- acre region supports… Read More

Wood-Tikchik State Park Lake Nerka at Wood Tikchik State Park

Alaska’s Wood-Tikchik State Park is known for its expansive, undeveloped wilderness and abundant wildlife. As a major spawning area for salmon—the foundation of southwest Alaska’s ecology, economy and culture—the park was created in order to protect fish and wildlife breeding… Read More

Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Internationally recognized for the importance of its wetlands, Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, at the tip of the Alaskan peninsula, contains one of the largest eelgrass beds in the world. Threatened Steller’s eider and more than 90 percent of the world’s… Read More

Tongass National Forest Tongass National Forest, Alaska

Though Alaska is a state of great expanse, small places matter. As the critical first project of The Conservation Fund’s Coastal Alaska Initiative, more than 830 acres of rugged Cape Bingham cliffs and 12 miles of pristine coastline are now… Read More

Chena Greenbelt Project Chena Marina, Alaska

The Chena Greenbelt is a multi-partner effort to link approximately 30 properties together to form a network of green space for recreation, watershed protection and wildlife habitat. In the midst of a rapidly urbanizing land base in Fairbanks, Alaska, these… Read More


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Brad Meiklejohn Alaska
(907) 694-9060

Brad Meiklejohn is our Alaska Representative.  So far, we’ve protected nearly 320,000 acres across the state. An avid outdoorsman, Brad has completed a 300-mile traverse of the state’s Central Arctic, on foot and via packraft, among other wilderness adventures. Please contact him with questions regarding Alaska projects.