Clint Miller

Midwest Project Director, Conservation Acquisition

Clint MillerClint is a seasoned conservation professional who leads the implementation of the Midwest Habitat Mitigation Project, a $23 million compensatory mitigation program for a 600-mile oil pipeline running across four states.

A member of The Conservation Fund staff since 2008, Clint is a recognized expert negotiator and facilitator. Working with federal, state, and local government agencies and corporate and private stakeholders, he has managed complex real estate transactions, mitigation, public and private funding and finance issues. Previous experience includes land conservation and wildlife management spanning the U.S. from Alaska across the Great Plains to Florida.

Clint also served as regional director for the Minnesota Land Trust and led a community-based conservation program for The Nature Conservancy in the Dakotas.  He also spent 12 years as a biologist and land manager and is a Certified Wildlife Biologist.

Clint holds an M.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University-Fort Collins and a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contact:   Phone: 507-356-6301

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