Focus Areas

  • Children & Nature

    kids in a park

    We believe kids have a basic right to a healthy childhood. With major advances in medicine, education and other fields, kids today should enjoy a higher quality of life than ever before—but too many are developing chronic health conditions like… Read More

  • Climate Change

    The earth on a field of grass

    We’ve learned firsthand that you don’t have to be an environmentalist to appreciate nature or to understand the vast changes to the landscape we’ve experienced recently due to climate change. Over the past several decades, millions of acres of forests… Read More

  • Conservation Finance

    Bluebird farm

    By providing capital and expertise to conservationists, community leaders and businesses nationwide, we make it possible to swiftly protect special places and to operate sustainably. Land Trust And Nonprofit Financing We provide bridge financing and real estate expertise to land… Read More

  • Conservation Real Estate

    Wind Cave National Park

    Even if you’re just learning about The Conservation Fund, chances are you already know places we’ve protected:  national parks, natural areas, storied battlefields, popular getaways and more.  Since 1985, we have conserved more than 7 million acres, completing over 2,000… Read More

  • Conservation Ventures

    Redwood forest

    Our Conservation Ventures invest in, or lend money to, small business and sustainable forestry efforts that generate economic, social and environmental returns. Our goal is to help people build enterprises that make a difference with every board foot, kilowatt hour, paddle… Read More

  • Flood Management

    Flooded landscape

    For many communities across America, flooding is an expensive, destructive and heartbreaking problem. Over the past decade, floods have caused more than $25 billion in damage in America, destroyed homes and businesses and threatened water quality in our communities. And… Read More

  • FLTFA Reauthorization

    Rancher in Wyoming

    Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act (FLTFA) The Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act (FLTFA) is a critical program for Western lands. Supported by a diverse list of over 145 groups, reauthorizing FLTFA would bring back a “land for land” mechanism allowing… Read More

  • Forestry

    Redwood trees in Big River Forest/Photo by Matthew Gerhart

    America’s forests are at risk. Investment groups, companies and individuals privately own more than half our forestland, and it’s being carved up into smaller and more haphazard parcels all the time. Over the next 20 years, according to the U.S…. Read More

  • Green Infrastructure

    Atlanta skyline

    The Conservation Fund is the only conservation organization to design green infrastructure plans in four of the country’s largest metro areas: Chicago, Nashville, Houston and Los Angeles. We also think big, working with whole regions and even completing the nation’s… Read More

  • Mitigation

    Pipeline through the forest

    America loses more than a million acres of open space each year—by some estimates, nearly 6,000 acres every day. New energy and transportation projects, while needed, can fragment the landscape even more, if not planned well. Companies that develop infrastructure… Read More

  • Parks With Purpose

    Emma Millican Park in Atlanta.

    The Conservation Fund helped pioneer a new definition of good conservation beginning in 1985 when we included economic development in our mission. Today, we’re deploying our conservation mission in some of the places it is needed most: America’s cities. Although the… Read More

  • Sustainable Programs

    boy riding a bike through forest

    You know saving land is about protecting wild areas and open space. But conservation also impacts some of America’s most pressing issues: food security, reliable energy, available water, job creation, and livable communities. The Conservation Fund has pioneered a special brand… Read More