Zion Regional Recreation Management Plan is a process and a product. The process is crossing administrative boundaries and geographic constraints, while the end product will identify regional goals and implementation actions around recreation and the related areas of tourism, resource stewardship, transportation and economic opportunity, establishing a long-term coordinating framework and plan. View the Executive Summary HERE.


The Plan addresses the four-county region of southwest Utah (Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington counties).


Recreation is a critical part of southwest Utah’s identity, culture, and economy. Recreation interacts with the transportation system, public lands, jobs, natural resources, housing, cultural resources, community facilities and more. Protecting the assets in the region, while ensuring a high quality recreation-user experience, is requiring a comprehensive effort across sectors, communities, and levels of government. The places and people are the foundation of the region, and their continued vitality requires a healthy interaction with recreation and its implications.


The Plan will foster coordination and collaboration for recreation-related projects and initiatives advanced by communities, agencies, and organizations. Recognizing that there are multiple planned and ongoing investments, the Plan seeks to add value to these initiatives, develop recommendations to fill in gaps, identify needed resources to advance efforts and enhance opportunities for agreement and partnership.


Through a Steering Team, five working groups, focus group, and additional outreach methods the process includes representatives from Federal, State, Tribal and local partners, including private businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, resource agencies and local governments. Through a contract with Zion Forever, The Conservation Fund is the convener for this process to solicit community input and establish a long-term plan. The Plan seeks to serve all recreation users in the region, whether a resident or visitor. Residents of the region are involved in the Steering Team, working groups, and focus groups. Over 150 members of the public participated in a public survey (results below).


Phase 1 was completed in February 2022, focused on gathering input and filtering recommendations through a Steering Team, five Working Groups, focus groups and additional outreach methods. Phase 2 is now underway and is focused on advancing agreements and further refining implementation products and guidance.


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Please contact Susan Elks, Program Manager, Balancing Nature and Commerce, The Conservation Fund at selks@conservationfund.org