The Spendloves’ working ranch offers unparalleled views of the park’s renowned Kolob Peak and the spectacular natural rock formations of Kolob Finger canyons.

Like many other landowners in rapidly growing areas of the West, the Spendloves were under tremendous pressure to sell their land for development. But despite their strong commitment to conservation — and to their land — they lacked the resources to place a conservation easement on their property.


Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the Fund was able to assist the family in preserving both a working landscape and open space in Washington County. Working with the Spendlove family, the donor, the Virgin River Land Preservation Association ( and Washington County officials, we purchased a conservation easement from the Spendloves, thus protecting the ranch in perpetuity — to the benefit of the owners, the local community and the public as a whole.


The Spendloves’ traditional ranching values are now secure, and the remarkable view into Zion National Park from their land remains unimpaired.