Recognizing the critical ecological and economic importance of the area, The Conservation Fund utilized its Working Forest Fund® to acquire the Three Rivers Forest property.

Under The Conservation Fund’s temporary ownership of 33,000 acres and rights to protect another 18,000 acres, the land will be sustainably managed as a working forest, supporting timber-related jobs in the region. Traditional recreational uses of the land, such as hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling, will be honored. During this time, we’re working with partners and stakeholders to identify long-term solutions that will ensure the majority of the property remains privately-owned working forestland, providing recreational and environmental benefits and serving as an economic driver for the region.


Forest landscapes play a vital role in safeguarding important wildlife habitat, filtering the air and water, attracting eco-tourism and acting as a self-sustaining economic asset to the community. Conserved working forests are a critical component of the economy in the Adirondacks—which attracts nearly 10 million visitors a year—and serve as an ecological buffer for the state Forest Preserve. Working forests in particular can support the environmental value of the forestland while serving the local community’s timber economy and supporting jobs and growth across the region.


The Conservation Fund is actively raising funds for a permanent conservation solution for these lands. For more information about how you can support the conservation of Three Rivers Forest, please contact Rachael Joiner.