Following discussions with The Conservation Fund and The Nature Conservancy, Ørsted made a commitment to a multifaceted conservation approach encompassing both habitat protection and restoration initiatives in the Flint Hills grassland. Such initiatives advance Ørsted’s commitment to building clean energy projects in harmony with nature and creating a net-positive biodiversity impact for all new projects starting in 2030.

Using Ørsted’s financial support, The Conservation Fund will work with local partners and landowners to create and put into action tailored conservation agreements that will safeguard prairie areas, protect biodiversity and secure a sustainable future for ranchers. These initiatives will result in the preservation of tallgrass prairie habitats while concurrently allowing for the continued private ownership and use of working lands. 

“Ørsted’s goals are ambitious, and our investments in biodiversity conservation are increasing year over year. This is an exciting project, and we’re happy to partner with The Conservation Fund and The Nature Conservancy to protect and restore Kansas Flint Hills prairie near our Sunflower Wind Farm.”

– Dr. Daniel Willard, Biodiversity Specialist with Ørsted



The Conservation Fund is thrilled to collaborate with Ørsted in preserving essential tallgrass prairie land, which not only sustains the region’s diverse wildlife and thriving ranching economy, but also presents the green energy sector with a collaborative framework for addressing its environmental footprint. 

Great spangled fritillary resting on a pale purple coneflower. Credit: Jerry Jost

The Flint Hills region encompasses 4.5 million acres of tallgrass prairie spanning eastern Kansas and Oklahoma, making up approximately two-thirds of the remaining tallgrass prairie in existence. Within this unique landscape, one can find vital habitats for various grassland birds such as the greater prairie-chicken, upland sandpiper, Henslow’s sparrow and numerous other species. Additionally, this area supports a rich diversity of wildlife, including the easternmost population of pronghorn, the fastest land animal in North America.