The Walnut Creek Wetland Community Partnership (WCWCP) provides a communication hub for residents, community stakeholders, academic and government leaders to collaborate on sustainable management of the wetlands and development of opportunities that benefit those who live, work, and play in the Walnut Creek community and watershed.

The Walnut Creek Wetland Community Partnership, the NC Water Resources Research Institute, Design Workshop and The Conservation Fund are working alongside residents and a variety of partners through the Parks with Purpose initiative to identify, protect, and restore land for a new greenspace at the Bailey Drive Gateway. Our goal is that this space will provide a variety of social, economic, and environmental benefits for the communities adjacent to the Walnut Creek wetlands. Part of our community engagement efforts have included a workforce development training program in partnership with American Conservation Experience.


In Raleigh, the Fund has been investing in the Rochester Heights community where we are working with residents, community stakeholders, and the City of Raleigh to develop the Bailey Drive Gateway to Walnut Creek Wetland Park. This project builds on the City’s Walnut Creek Master Plan, which included the Gateway project as an important connector to the historic Rochester Heights and Biltmore Hills communities. These neighborhoods do not currently have direct access despite their proximity to the park.
Wetlands provide many ecological benefits like absorbing and filtering sediment, nutrients, and pollutants. They also recharge groundwater resources and are habitats for many animals and plants. Wetlands are increasingly threatened by developments and pollution so increasing opportunities to get community members recreating and protecting their wetlands is the Parks with Purpose approach to supporting the resilience of the environment and community.


Through the Parks with Purpose program, the Fund is providing support and capacity building to local environmental non-profits and youth leaders committed to environmental science, stewardship, and advocacy. Organizations such as the Partnership for Environmental Justice and St. Ambrose Episcopal Church are working in the WCWCP Task Force to brainstorm new ways to incorporate broader community participation and support for enhancing green space development south of the Walnut Creek Wetland Park. Historically African-American southeast Raleigh still faces the economic and environmental challenges that are the legacy of racial inequities. As an environmental justice campaign, the WCWCP and The Fund are working to incorporate economic, social, and environmental outcomes through developing a community-driven Parks with Purpose project in southeast Raleigh.

We also supported artist Tiffany Baker on the “Reflective History” art installation at the Bailey Drive Gateway as part of our unique approach to cultural conservation thorugh community art projects. Using glass and portraits as her story-telling medium, Tiffany’s artwork was installed as part of the project’s community engagement process, establishing the future park as a place for gathering, reflection, interaction, and learning.


American Conservation Experience
American Rivers
Bourne to Film
Carolina Wetland Association
Center for Human and Earth Restoration
City of Raleigh
Design Workshop
Duke Energy Foundation
Fuller Elementary
Institute for Landscape Art and Sustainable Spaces
Kris Bass Engineering
Natural Learning Initiative NCSU College of Design
NCSU College of Natural Resources
Partners for Environmental Justice
St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
Step Up Ministries
Tiffany Baker Artistry
Triangle Community Foundation
Triangle Greenway Council
Walnut Creek Wetland Center
Walnut Creek Wetland Community Partnership
Water Resources Research Institute



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