The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, The Conservation Fund, Lancaster County Conservancy and a strong coalition of conservation partners created a solution to this issue by acquiring the lands from PPL at fair market value. PPL then donated the proceeds of the land sale to fund the long-term management and stewardship costs of the permanent conservation owners




The project resulted in 1,800 acres divested by PPL to be used for public recreation. Conservation of these lands enhanced the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay and protected roosting and migration sites for avian species such as the bald eagle. The property offers sweeping vistas of the Susquehanna River. Recreational visitors are drawn to the commanding view from the Pinnacle and the deep ravines, waterfalls and caves of Kelly’s Run and Tucquan Glen. Two popular hiking trails traverse the properties: the Conestoga trail and the Mason-Dixon trail.


The Holtwood dam provides 253 megawatts annually — enough to satisfy the electric consumption needs for 227,700 homes.