The 175-acre cattle farm secured by The Conservation Fund in Woodbury, Georgia, is ideally situated close to the family’s local restaurant and nearby Atlanta markets and will significantly expand their acreage available for cattle. Over the next three years, GF Farms will invest in farm infrastructure, building barns and creating a highly integrated cattle management system to maximize production, while also investing in the health of the soil. With support of project partners, the farm will undergo a transformation from a passive grazing pasture to an actively managed sustainable grass-fed cattle business.
Using the Buy-Support-Protect-Sell model, the Working Farms Fund is securing and permanently protected the property as farmland, investing in the success of the farm business, and providing GF Farms with a patient pathway to farmland ownership.


GF Farms believes that it can enhance the quality of consumers’ lives and health by providing locally and responsibly grown grass-fed beef products. GF Farms plans to address the demand for wholesale grass-fed beef by partnering with institutions like Emory University while stewarding the land and being a “grass farmer” to build soil health. GF Farms has been breeding cattle for some of the best quality cows that produce a premium beef product, and it is ready to bring that product to market.