The company’s products include garlic bulbs, health-themed gift baskets, and hand-crafted immune boosting tonics. They sell through multiple venues, including local farm stores, food coops, farmers market, and online. Founder Silvia Abel-Caines has spent 30+ years working in the agricultural sector, half of that specifically with certified organic farmers. She has been selecting and cultivating specific varieties of garlic for the last 6 years. Arturo Caines has past agricultural sector experience in product design and development.

On behalf of Garlic eScape, The Conservation Fund is investing in 30 acres of land, including a 1920s farmhouse that will be used as the farm office. Silvia and Art are preparing to scale up Garlic eScape with the Working Farms Fund to achieve ownership of a farm, which will allow more space for growing, curing, and processing crops using organic methods that support healthy soil, water, and habitat. The new farm will also offer opportunities for on-farm classes, events, and training for residents of Woodstock, Illinois, and beyond.

The farm team has developed a 5-year business plan that puts them in a position to purchase the farm from The Conservation Fund within 3 years. Using a Buy-Support-Protect-Sell model, the Working Farms Fund is providing Garlic eScape with immediate access to farmland, and a pathway to affordable farm ownership.


The Garlic eScape Farm provides nourishing foods crafted from sustainably grown plants and herbs and trains community in the benefits of living and eating in harmony with nature.