In partnership with the Oak Foundation, Resourceful Communities supports community groups and small farmers working to develop innovative food projects that serve vulnerable populations.

Resourceful Communities helps grassroots organizations plan, manage and carry out programs to improve access to local food.  We also help small farmers tap new markets, serve low-income consumers and improve operations.


  • For community groups and agencies, we provide project and action planning, community and youth engagement strategies, grant writing support, budgeting and more.
  • For local markets, we offer planning in marketing/ communications, outreach strategies, implementation strategies to increase access for low-income customers.
  • For small farmers, we provide crop planning, develop practical tracking systems, help connect to new markets, and identify strategies to increase yield.

We also offer a variety of workshops to strengthen skills on the farm and at the market.


Small grants support innovative projects that improve access to healthy, local foods.  We can share strategies to develop effective projects and help you connect with other resources.  Projects might include expanding local markets; innovative buying programs to reach vulnerable populations; launching farm-to-table programs that highlight local growers; and more.


We help connect organizations to one another and the resources they need to serve their communities. We facilitate introductions for small farmers to resource agents and engage our network of agriculture professionals, FARM-NC, to help address specific needs.